Keep a day-to-day record of time spent with clients

Times has been specifically designed so that you can keep a day-to-day record of time spent with clients. Times provides an accurate and efficient method of time keeping which can be used for invoicing, reporting or exporting to other systems. This software is ideal for professionals who run multiple projects for a range of clients and charge by the hour.

Data entry made simple

The main form provides calendar selection and drop-down lists to simplify data entry. Select a Client and the Jobs list is filtered for that client. Select a Job and the Task list displays only the related tasks. Activities can be entered against any Client, Job or Task combination.

Use the custom time entry controls to set the duration based on pre defined internals. Enter either start and end or start and duration. Use breaks to define non chargeable periods during the entry.

Manage clients, jobs and tasks

Create, edit and delete the details used in the drop-down lists. Manage your projects and specify charge out rules and rates. Deactivate clients, jobs or tasks to remove them from the drop down lists but keep for historic reporting.

Create custom reports

Use the summary reporting wizard to select and format your data. Choose from an extensive list of predefined reports to create summaries by Client, Job, Activity, Month by Client, Week by Client and many more.

List summaries and details of your entries in a grid. Create Crosstab reports with user defined pivot table functions to analyze your data. Create invoices from summary or detail reports. Export summary and detail records into Excel, CSV, Tab or XML formats.

Visualize your data

Create multi-line, Bar and Trend charts from any summary report. Use the Crosstab and transpose (flip) functions to produce stacked bar charts. Optionally display labels, legend and trend overlays. Relocate the legend by dragging it around the chart. Save the chart image to Bitmap, Jpeg or PNG file format.

Manage invoices and payments

Create invoices from your time and expense entries. Record full and part payments against invoices. Graphically view invoice summaries and details



Times 2.4